Friday, 5 August 2016

What is needed on a hot summer day?

Answer:  Cold food, comfort food, ice cream = Cold Comfort

Located at 1115 North Park Street off Cook Street, one will find Autumn Maxwell churning out her artisan ice cream in her shop, Cold Comfort.

Cold Comfort uses organic milk, eggs and cream from Avalon Dairy on the mainland.  Local herbs and fruits are incorporated into flavours.  All other ingredients, if not organic, are natural omitting preservatives, artificial flavours, starches and stabilizers.  This is what makes Cold Comfort ice cream denser than commercially produced ice creams, and full of rich flavour. 

From classic vanilla bean on a chocolate chip cookie to Hoyne's Dark Matter, Cold Comfort offers detectable flavours for those wanting something completely different. 

Over the 6.5 years Cold Comfort has been in existence I've tried East is East, a tangy tamerind flavoured ice cream sandwiched between an almond dacquoise, Hoyne Dark Matter, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Avocado Lime Margarita, Salted Caramel, Salted Caramel Whiskey, Bad Medicine and several other flavours.  Flavors vary depending on what fruit may be in season or what Autumn may decide to create. 

Available in Pints, and

Scoops, two scoops and in two different flavours if one desires or can't make up their mind.

Outside seating is available on North Park and a little bench area beside Cold Comfort. 

This customer is enjoying a classic vanilla bean on a chocolate chip cookie. 

Cold Comfort recently was listed as #5 in the 23 Places to Get the Most Mind-Blowing Ice Cream.  Personally, it is the #1 place in Victoria to get mind-blowing ice cream!!!  

Thank you Autumn Maxwell for being a part of the local food community. It is always a pleasure to meet the hard-working people who run their own businesses. 

Follow Cold Comfort on Facebook to see what Autumn is churning up and hours of operation (it is a small owner operated business).  Open year-round. 

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