Wednesday, 27 August 2008

When to buy Organic

Buying organic produce can be expensive. One way to cut down is to buy only those vegetables and fruits that contain the highest levels of contamination. Still, be wary of organic produce from other countries where the standards are not as high.

Here are the worst of the bunch, in order of risk, based on a new analysis of government data by the nonprofit Organic Center. (Produce with the lowest pesticide risk includes citrus fruits, bananas, pineapples and onions.)

Riskiest fruits
Imported grapes

Riskiest vegetables
Green beans
Sweet bell peppers

This list refers to U.S. produce. Some imported items have higher pesticide levels. The "risk index score" for an imported peach is almost 5 times that of a domestic peach; for sweet bell peppers, it's nearly 5 1/2 times as high. Also, be wary of overseas "organics," where regulatory oversight might not be as reliable.
(taken from the Lifestyles Market Newsletter)

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Ohlala Cupcakes

a picture for you

The long awaited Ohlala Cupcakes at 1391A Hillside finally has opened. A fan of Cupcakes in Vancouver and indulging in Safeway's version on special occasions, I've been awaiting the opening for sometime. I noted this week that Bill Stuart of Monday Magazine had beat me to trying a cake and writing about it in this week's edition of Monday.

The cupcake above is the first one I tried. A delicious mix of mocha with a chocolate covered coffee bean on top. Yummy! The second selection I've had from Ohlala is the Twist&Shout, I remembered this cupcake's name only because it was a truly lemon cake with a surprise filling of raspberry. I'd have to say this is the best lemon cupcake I've had and certainly reminded me of the little lemon cakes with raspberry jam my mother used to make without any icing.

The shop itself is beautiful, with displays of selections other than cupcakes. Ohlala makes mini cakes as well, which are very beautiful. In the large display case I gazed in wonder at the cupcakes decorated as small bouquets of flowers and single flowers, babies in carriages and a stunning display of black & white cupcakes surrounding a black and white wedding cake.

I certainly will be visiting Ohlala when I need a special cake.