Monday, 30 July 2007

Cupcakes in Vancouver

On June 25 I had the opportunity to take a day trip from the island to Vancouver. List in hand I planned on going to Ikea for some household items, along West Broadway to visit a shop or two and to try out Cupcakes.

Since cupcakes are making a comeback, and Chatelaine magazine recently had a "how to" video on decorating tips, it was time to check out in person the place I've only visited online. Luckily I had made my choice online before visiting Cupcakes, as everything looked so delicious it would have been impossible to make a choice. Although Cupcakes's cupcakes are pretty standard, and their minis are cute, it is the wedding cakes that are rather beautiful. My only disappointment....there isn't a Cupcakes on Vancouver Island and I can't get across to Vancouver as often as I'd like. The only cupcakes I've found on the island are in the grocery store, and just aren't as nice as going to a shop that is exclusively cupcakes.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Organic Island Festival 2007

When planning our kayaking schedule for the summer, both days on the weekend were booked. I had passed on the July 7 date because I wanted to attend the festival. No one responded until Alison mentioned it and then others got on board, and it was the "cool" thing to do on a summer weekend. John and I attended, found Step and Karl and were joined by Paula. We unfortunately missed Alison.

Karl purchased a huge jar of honey from the Cowichan Valley. I got a sample and decided I would wait to purchase a jar at the Moss Street Market.

I've signed up for organic produce from Saanich Organics, although I'm on a waiting list I hope to be able to do a pick up. In the meantime I will be visiting their booth at the Moss Street Market too. I purchased a bag of salad greens, made a fantastic salad and still have half a bag of fresh greens.

I tried lots of samples of protein bars, bison&cranberry sausage, berry protein smoothie mix, hemp protein mix (I've purchased both at Thrifty's), picked up cereal samples, protein bars, and bought some tasty dried fruit from Ten Thousand Villages.

We saw an interesting woodwind harp, had a turkey smokie from a BBQ cart (the smokies are available at the Village Butcher in Oak Bay) and tried Valhalla Farms jam and I would have walked away with jars of the stuff but I didn't have enough money.

This is the third festival, and I was really impressed. I'm looking forward to next year!! I certainly will be attending.