Sunday, 8 July 2012

Freezer Jam

Yesterday was another day of summer here in Victoria BC.  We are having much cooler Springs and it takes longer for summer to arrive so the garden is taking longer to produce anything.  I have already pulled up radishes and need to plant another batch to harvest later.  My carrots are probably not going to mature, lesson learned is to plant them in a deeper 4x4 box next year.  I am trying beans that were given to me.  I have flowers on the plant but not sure what that means.  

The strawberry plant is doing well.  To keep it protected from the birds and slugs when I first noticed them I wrapped an old sheer curtain around the plants.  It worked very well in protecting the plant while allowing sunshine to still reach the strawberries.  I harvested about a cup, removed the ones that were squishy, checked the plant for slugs and then re-wrapped it to hopefully let the rest of the strawberries ripen.  While I was doing this my partner John was building the new 4x4 boxes.  As we moved around our jungle we found two batches of raspberries. I got another cup of berries to add to the strawberries.  Decided it was perfect timing to make some freezer jam.  

I had some freezer pectin which I pulled out of the pantry and read I needed 4 cups but I only had two.  Went to The Root Cellar  to purchase some local raspberries or strawberries to add to the two cups I had.  Now I could have used my two cups and divided the pectin package but being powder, plus knowing my own abilities making jam I thought I better not attempt this. Freezer jam is simple, no cooking required, just mashing the berries, adding the pectin, stirring for 3 minutes and done.  I didn't have any mason jars as they are all in use but no worries, freezer jam can be stored in freezer containers, either plastic (Tupperware without BPA is great) or stainless food containers.  So I decided to make the full 4 cups of jam to have one frozen to use later and one in the fridge to use now. 

Once the strawberries are done we are moving them into one of the 4x4 boxes.  Will add more and have a designated strawberry box.