Monday, 7 October 2013

Victoria Public Market

Finally the Victoria Public Market opened on September 14 and 15.  We attended the first day of opening. On the Friday night as we drove by we could see that the space still didn't look ready to actually open.  Correct, many of the vendors weren't present and although we have returned there are some spaces that still have not opened.

Congratulations are in order to Silk Road Teas who participated in the opening in grand style and had the booth that seemed the most crowded.  It is nice to have a second location of my favourite place for tea and I'm sure they will be very successful.  For those of you who don't venture downtown to the main location on Government or to the new location in the Hudson, Fairways does carry Silk Road Tea as well.

Can tell Victoria Pie Co. is very popular.  Haven't been able to try a pie as they are always sold out.  Must be delicious!  Hoping to have an opportunity to grab a pie one day.

Sutra and Roast both tempt me but I haven't tried them either.  Very busy locations which I'm hoping will settle once the novelty of the market wears off.
Did buy a wonderful croissant for my partner at The French Oven.  I wish my friends from France, Karin and Bruno were still living here because they would finally find a good baguette!!  If I could eat cheese I'd add some Salt Spring Island cheese to the baguette and make a delicious French lunch.  Maybe with some balsamic from Olive the Senses to drizzle over the whole concoction.  Sigh....oh dairy allergy I hate you some days.

Wednesdays is the farmer's market outside the Hudson, at the back of the building.  Unfortunately it only runs from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.  I don't work downtown and miss out on this wonderful market.  Here you will find the Doughboys who make delicious doughnuts.  Maybe not working downtown is a good thing, I'd be craving these far too much.

Looking forward to seeing what events and offerings the Victoria Public Market will dish up in the very near future!