Thursday, 14 July 2016

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

  In celebration of the first week of summer vacation and Summer Solstice, we went in search of local dairy-free ice cream. Here's the scoop on what we discovered.

On June 19th we visited Parachute Ice Cream located at 2626 Bridge Street. Parachute is co-owned by Robyn Larocque of the Victoria Pie. Co and Kevin Fung, another local restaurant owner. Using local milk from Saanich and the Cowichan Valley, water buffalo milk delivered directly by McClintock Farm in the Comox Valley,  Parachute Ice Cream offers delicious concoctions.  Vegan ice cream is made with coconut milk.  All the ingredients in the ice cream are sourced as locally as possible, the brownies in two of the ice creams and the rhubarb crumble in another flavour are made in-house. 

Located near Second Crack coffee shop and several small businesses, Parachute Ice Cream may seem to be located in a strange location for ice cream.  Not so, along with Moon Under Water and Saltchuck Pie Co. on Bay Street, this is a growing neighbourhood for those of us who make our homes in the Railyards, across the Bay Street Bridge area or in the Gorge/Tillicum area.  Some of us prefer to visit local shops that are thriving around the Rock Bay area and enjoy not being part of the downtown busyness. 

I had a delicious vegan coconut brownie ice cream.  Very creamy, no overpowering coconut taste, with bite sized brownie chunks in every spoonful.  

Servings are offered in scoops or cones.  This is the waffle cone holding a yummy Cookies and Cream. A dairy free cone is available in the kid's sized cone. 

I enjoyed the Vegan coconut brownie chunk so much that I decided to bring a pint home.  This is the Vegan Chocolate Coconut, a rich creamy chocolate ice cream. 

Open Monday to Saturday from 1100 to 1900. 

Like their page on Facebook for updates on possible Sunday openings, events and new flavours.

Thank you to John Herbert for the photography and eating ice cream with me. 

Update: We dropped in on August 1st: pint jars can be returned for $1.00 off the next pint.  

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